About Me

Ivelisse Rosado is a New York City based Makeup Artist and mixed media artist. She attended Vanderbilt University where she studied Creative Writing which became the foundation of her editorial work. She was first drawn to makeup, because of the freedom she experienced when developing a character. Her mastery of storytelling has allowed her to develop striking and powerful imagery.

Ivelisse approaches each makeup with intentional choices of color, texture, placement and shape. She utilizes her years of experience to refine and edit for balance and harmony. Ivelisse’s aesthetic is best described as the juxtaposition between clean flushed skin and unconventional beauty. Some of the reoccurring motifs you can find in her work include masks, 3D materials, painterly textures, antique and ornate elements.

Ivelisse’s primary focus is fashion and editorial makeup. She has assisted some of the industry’s most elite artists and has worked on sets for brands like Gucci, Nars, Revlon, La Mer, New Balance and Glossier. As well as major publications such as Vogue.