Ivelisse Rosado Headshot.jpg

Ivelisse Rosado is a story teller. As an adolescent, she was interested in creative writing and all art mediums. She later studied Fiction, Sociology and Fashion in college. Amidst her exploration of fashion history, she fell in love with Makeup Artistry. In 2010, Ivelisse began her career as a retail Makeup Artist at Sephora and later MAC Cosmetics. During those early years she experimented with conceptual and era inspired makeup.


In 2016, Ivelisse decided to follow her dreams to become an Editorial Makeup Artist. By submerging herself in a world of creativity, she was able to learn from some of the most iconic Makeup Artist in the world.  While working on sets, Ivelisse used her experiences to direct photoshoots. As her love for directing developed, she began to see the world through new lenses. As a creative, she wanted to nurture these stories from its inception to its manifestation. There is no greater joy than translating your thoughts into tangible images. Ivelisse has embarked on a new venture of "Muagrapher." In her editorials, she takes on the roles of Art Director, Makeup Artist, and Photographer. Ivelisse also designs the set, visual aids and props whenever needed.


Ivelisse seeks to continuously grow and welcomes learning to improve her artistry. In the future, she foresees herself producing High Fashion Editorials for the most esteemed publications. In addition, she aspires to use her sociological observations and studies to create editorials with powerful social commentary. Ivelisse believes that creativity cannot be limited to specific roles; it transcends all creative labels. It is an Artist social responsibility to tell the story, by any means necessary.